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And The Winner Is....

So my awesome readers went through the Unfinished & Incomplete collection and voted for their favorite one, which is a story I'll be finishing later on this year. I'm so excited for this!

So, without further ado:

New job, new town, whole new life, right? Right?

Dr. Miriam ‘Mimi’ Peralta’s in the middle of a whole life shift, she’s the newly hired medical examiner for Peterborough. Beyond the reach of her overbearing family and far away from her cheating ex as she could get, this job is supposed to be her fresh start.

But sometimes old problems dog you every step of the way from home. A forensic pathologist by profession, Mimi tries to take her job seriously, and herself less so as she hopes to find the woman she used to be before life tried to break her down.

A fluke is the only reason Det. Lt. Jake Fahey caught a dead body and a case of a lifetime, but his eyes are more distracted by the body of one Chief Medical Examiner. She's cute, quirky, and smart as hell. 

As more bodies start rolling in, there seems to be one common thread, and it's closer than anyone thinks.

Can Mimi survive a serial killer's obsession with her or will Jake just be left with his own paper doll?In a world where trust is at a premium, do they really want what's done in the dark to come to the light?

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