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Friday Free-For-All: Birthday Edition

Tomorrow I turn 44. It's cool, I guess. I'm not really someone who gets bent outta shape about my age. I've been sick for so long and living on sheer spite, at this point it's more of a score card anyway. Lex 44: Life: 1.

I share a birthday with a incredibly interesting and diverse group of folks, too. Quentin Tarantino, Nathan Fillion, Pauley Perrette, Sara Vaughan. I mean, that covers movies, sci-fi, jazz, and goth right there! I'm not sure there's a more apt conglomeration of folks.

Last year's birthday kinda sucked. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I had one and I have the privilege of having another. And it's not like I go anywhere extravagant or do anything wild for my birthday normally, but being able to go out and be with my friends, especially as we age and all have families, is a rarity I treasure. This year will likely be more of the same, too, which is as it should be until the virus is more under control.

Without further ado, here's my top 5 most extravagant birthday wishes

  1. 3 more tattoos (at least). I have one planned out for each forearm and my right shoulder. I've been working on graphic stuff for a couple years now, and I have designed a mashup of my two favorite comic book characters for my right forearm (Wonder Woman and Captain America), a quill pen in an inkwell on my left forearm because I'm a leftie (in writing, shooting, and politics), and my right shoulder has a giant raven surrounded by purple flowers that I've been planning since I was like 18 or so. I take forever to decide on a tattoo, but somehow I always have a design ready in case the opportunity to ink myself up arises.

  2. Finish the ladders in my ears. I got room for 9 more rings total, I wanna finish this one up. Someone sent me corkscrews for my birthday this year and I'd love to be able to wear them.

  3. Tickets to Dublin. The Feral Cows and I had crazy pre-Covid plans that included heading to Ireland to wander about for a bit. For those of you that don't know, the Feral Cows is my group of writers who get together annually for the 'No Husbands, No Kids, No Responsibilities Tour'. We meet up from all over the country at varying locals and have been running around getting wild for over a decade now.

  4. One of the Dream Boxes, the giant craft cabinets that fold out to store EVERYTHING. All my Craft Crap (tm) in one place is an ongoing goal of mine.

  5. Time enough to do all the things I want to get done. I have more hobbies, interests, and dopamine-scented rabbits to chase than I have time to hunt them down. Of course, that's the one I want the most.

And, finally, as a 'thank you' to my readers, A Killing Moon (ebook version) is on sale for .99 cents through the 31st. Add a little spice to your weekend.

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