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Friday Free-For-All: Corona Comfort Edition

Let me tell you about my week, friends. Started off feeling kinda crappy on Monday, and then ended up going home from the day job on Tuesday. Called in on Wednesday with a minor fever. Tested on Thursday and, long story short: I have Covid. Sigh. So far it's not terrible, but I could definitely use some comfort.

Here are my top 5 Go-To Movies and Series for Comfort when I get stressed out or need a break.

Number One with a Bullet is The Avengers. I don't know why, but this is one of the movies I could watch all damn day.

Next up for me - Spiderman Homecoming. Peter Parker is a wee babe who needs a hug and love and I want to bake for him.

Third up is Leverage. I will watch the hell out of this show. Doesn't matter which season or anything. This is one of those rare shows that is gold from start to finish.

Another movie that makes the cut is one that speaks to my soul. It shouldn't be funny and is dark as hell, but it's so damn good, I can't help but love it.

Last up, and by no means least, a series from F/X that has Tim Olyphant and Walton Goggins at their peak perfection. As my mama is fond of saying, "Boyd Crowder, as I live and breathe."

Honorable Mention because I watch it whenever I come across it on TV

Since I'll be off quarantining, I'm sure I'll get to these and a lot more, but for now, hope you'll enjoy some happy viewing!

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