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Friday Free-For-All: Hobby Edition, Take 2

Updated: May 10, 2021

Another Friday, another miniature completed. Or at least mostly so. I'm missing a couple components (waiting on shipping and what have you) but this is my latest miniature glow up.

Started off with the Robotime kit called Locus's Sitting Room.

The colors are garish, and it's way too bright, but I could definitely see the potential, and honestly, I liked the idea of the challenge presented in assembling a couch and throw pillows with fluff.

You may recall with my last one, I made a couple throw pillows with cotton balls, and sealed the edges with glue. This time it was just easier to break down, get a cheap, portable sewing machine, and work them out that way. I may go back and redo the other pillows or just keep them to show how far I've come.

Without further ado, here's my mostly finished room. I'm missing my afghan and guitar, but other than that, this one is done and ready to go.

I went with fabric on one of the walls again. I really like how it turned out last time and this time was no exception. The watercolor dyed purple really gave me a lot of room to play, color-wise.

The other wall I got a weathered brick decal, though you can also go download it as well and use glue if you'd prefer. I got the flooring and the rug from the same place. I really appreciated how the geometric pattern of the rug really tied things together with the overhead lighting.

This time I ordered my accessories and add-ons ahead of ordering the model itself, so I wasn't stuck with a situation of being at the mercy of the post office until my damn plants arrive. I got the plants, books, record player (or, in case that store is out), records, stereo with speakers, freestanding candelabra, and the candelabra on the coffee table from Etsy. I had a very distinctive vision for this room, much like I did with the last one and was less inclined to compromise.

The records I chose were Dad's favorite Simon and Garfunkel album, Journey's Greatest Hits (because I have owned this recording in every medium in which it has been produced), Billy Joel An Innocent Man (the first album I remember having as 'my own'), and also 52nd Street. There are a ton more I could have put out and will likely use for a different miniature, but those really got the job done since no one is going to be able to look at them closely or enjoy them as much as I will.

I painted the model base, shelves, table, bump-out wall behind the couch, and the picture frames with French blue acrylic paint I picked up at Michael's. I made sure it matched the light blue in the fabric on the wall so it all blended without worrying about how it would clash.

This time, the lights were a lot easier to deal with. It was still a somewhat time-consuming process (certainly made longer by both my inexperience as well as long fingernails when dealing with tiny objects), but once I got it together, it held surprisingly well and worked. Instead of running the wire down the corner of the room like the instructions would indicate, I ran them down the outside and then taped them with electrical tape to the exterior wall and under the floor.

Unlike the first one, I really committed to the aesthetic and continued the weathered brick theme to the exterior of the model, matching the size, shape, and color of the brick on the interior. I also laid an extra paper panel over the lighting wires so they are invisible.

The artwork is varied. The largest painting is from Pineapplebreads again, from their Tattoo collection.

The smaller of the two portraits (the one *not* of me) is a very old picture of a young!!! Sebastian Stan (because he's pretty and this room demands pretty). See the side note at the end for further info.

The painting next to him is a tiny reproduction of Loneliness of Autumn by Leonid Afremov.

Overall, this model turned out way better than I imagined and I'm incredibly happy with it. Once I get the missing components, I'll come back and post one more pic of everything completed, but this is very cool and I'm proud of it.

Side note: At 8PM Eastern, I'll be on twitter @Dispatchvampire live-watching Episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Come join me and chat about the show and whatever else you feel like. As usual, I'll have a spoiler-filled debrief up tomorrow with my thoughts.

ETA 5/10/21: I realized I never posted the finished product and I'm madly in love with it. Here is a collection of pix from the final form of the miniature.

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