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Friday Free-For-All: The Funko Pop Situation

I refer to it as a situation because, like the Bonnie Situation in Pulp Fiction, at some point, I expect my spouse to lose his mind and be distinctly not happy with my life choices. Considering he’s the one I ask to install the cases on the wall, eh, I kinda see his point.

This started with my younger sister. She got me one, Maleficent. I loved it very much, but I didn’t do much with it besides put it on a bookshelf. So then!! As I was writing fanfic, I came to desire some Marvel-based Pops. Of course, I have my MCU faves including Hawkeye/Ronin (3 total), 2 different Natashas, 1 Iron man, 2 Steves (bearded and not), and a vast collection (like 4, I believe) of Bucky in his varying incarnations including Winter Soldier and Semi-stable 100-year-old man. From there, my comic book and pop culture love took over, and I got Wonder Woman (because I’ve loved her since I was a wee toddler, Holler Lynda Carter!), Gambit, Shuri, Okoye, Death (from The Sandman series), Eric Draven (from The Crow), and you get the picture.

I have a list of ones I’d like to acquire, but so far, I’m holding steady on the 30 or so I have right now, though obviously, with the holidays coming, that could change (and I do have another case I’d like to get…). I’m good either way.

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