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Getting My Life Together

It's hard bouncing back after a chunk has been taken out of you. Physically, emotionally, it's all the same. Being present means taking some time to let a wound heal before going back out to keep fighting the good fight.

My dad died in August of this year. Suddenly. In front of me. I'm working on how I feel about that, but I get anxious pretty easily right now. It's a day by day process.

I'm working on Book 4 of the Winged Guardian series, A Wedding Moon, and I'm so excited for how that story's going so far. I would love to have it done by the end of January (which is my goal). I'm looking forward to the results of the Unfinished and Incomplete Poll. If you haven't voted, head over to the front page and do so, because that story will also get finished and published next year.

It feels good to slip back into some normal. A Sugar Moon is on sale, and I love Shayla and Xander's story. They're adorable and I had a lot of fun writing them.

Anyway, this is me checking in. If you haven't signed up for my monthly newsletter, you can do that at the bottom of the front page as well! It's where I put the latest news and info about upcoming projects as well as little personal stories and pictures of my Pita Chips. It's fun, you should do it.

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