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Unfinished and Incomplete: Grave Danger

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This next story in my Unfinished and Incomplete series, a romantic suspense with a Bones kinda feel, but my heroine is no Brennan.

Through Line:

Dr. Katherine Walker is a forensic anthropologist who teaches at the University of Indianapolis. She's renowned for her work identifying victims of serial killers for several law enforcement agencies. She's the go-to person when they have a skeleton and no other info. She is from a small town in southern Indiana on the Ohio River and would just as content to never go back if she didn't have to.

Lincoln County Sheriff Granger 'Gray' Cobb is a hometown boy made good. He takes his job seriously and when a body is found on some recently sold farmland, he wants to do all he can to find out what happened to them and bring them and their family peace. Even if he didn't manage to get any pece of his own.

Kate gets called in by her brother who is a Sgt on the Indiana State Police, called in due to their more abundant investigative resources and forensics. If she'd known of Gray's involvement, she would have declined. They have a history, the kind that does not involve forgiving or forgetting.

A body brings them together, but the mystery surrounding it and their combined past could very well tear them apart. Some dark secrets are revealed that will leave them both in Grave Danger.

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