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Unfinished and Incomplete: Hotel At The End of the World

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This is the first in a series that examines my thoughts and plans for the story fragments showcased in Unfinished and Incomplete.

Through Line: If you had six months to live, what would you want to set right? Could you do it? Those are the questions that keep Henry Rothschilde up at night. As he contemplates the dwindling shot clock on his life, his mind goes to the one thing he needs before he consigns his soul to judgement: Vengeance.

Hotel at the End of the World is somewhat of a redemption story. It's the story of a man with nothing left to lose and suddenly on a clock. He's a mercenary by trade, a killer by profession, and has had a fairly flexible moral compass for a while, but facing his own imminent mortality there have been some things that he's done in his life that led to some unsatisfactory conclusions. Some people who missed out on the serving of justice they were richly due. A terminal cancer diagnosis is nothing but conscription into Karma's army. Henry is smart enough to see the road in front of him. He knows where it goes, and when he goes to meet his god, he won't be going alone.

What would you do to make things right?

The other half of the story is a man on a different kind of clock. Facing down retirement, Henry is the ghost of the one who got away. One last case before Agent Nick Burcato retires to Gila Bend to be closer to his grandkids. Training up his replacement, Monique Rampart, his job is to get Henry, no matter what, and to keep him from completing his list.

The chase is on, the seconds are ticking down. The only bad guys are the ones on the list. Who wins when those on the side of angels are battling each other?

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