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Unfinished and Incomplete: Paper Dolls

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Next up in my Unfinished and Incomplete series, a romantic suspense.

Through Line: He loves her and wants nothing but the best for her. If only she could see that. Dr. Mimi Peralta is the new medical examiner in the city of Peterborough, fresh off a bad breakup. New job, new town, whole new life, right? When a body is found on the river, it brings Lt. Jake Fahey into her orbit, and the world gets both better and stranger for it. As more bodies start rolling in, there seems to be one common thread, and it's closer than anyone thinks. Can Mimi survive a serial killer's obsession with her or will Jake just be left with his own paper doll?

Mimi Peralta just wants to have fun. A theater kid at heart, loves to sing, dance, and carry on, even when she's on the job. She left her old life, cheating ex, and overbearing family for a fresh start as the Chief Medical Examiner for Pureview County. A forensic pathologist by profession, she takes her job seriously and herself much less so. It's in one of those transitional moments that she meets Det. Lt. Jake Fahey.

Jake caught the case because the regular detective's wife went into labor. He wasn't anticipating anything other than a run-of-the-mill OD. The last thing he expected to find was the Chief ME deep in a song-and-dance number in the break room of the morgue at half-past too-damn-late. She's cute, quirky, and smart as hell. When she comes to him with her suspicions about the death, and the number of them increases, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

In a world where trust is at a premium, do they really want what's done in the dark to come to the light?

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Next up: Grave Danger

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