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Unfinished and Incomplete: Untitled #2

This is the last one in this series! Yay!!

This one is not paranormal. More of a New Adult as opposed to YA. Think throwback to the 90s vibe.

Stray Ortiz is celebrating spring break for her senior year in college on South Padre Island. Think of her as Type A+. Uptight, devoted to her schooling, her friends convinced her to take some time for herself for a change. She's in the hunt for sun, sand, and fun. She's not looking for a relationship, the most she wants is warm sunshine and a cold drink.

Jaxon is preppy and pre-med. In his last year before med-school, he's taking the time to take a breath before he dives headfirst into the career he's been chasing since he was a toddler. His family is wealthy, but frayed, and he's not looking for anything more complicated than a good time and maybe some peace and quiet.

A chance meeting at the hotel pool kindles a spark that could burn them both down.

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