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Unfinished & Incomplete - Coming June 23rd, 2020

Every author has at least one story that haunts them; it sits on a computer, in the pages of a journal, even abandoned on a hard drive, or is just a few incomplete sentences in a notebook. The story sits on the mental shelf of their mind and taunts them; Author Alexis D. Craig has declared, "No more." to the voices of those stories reaching out to her to be completed.

She is exclusively offering her readers the chance, to see, to read, and to vote on six of her unfinished and incomplete stories. Each raw draft is an unfinished story, an unfinished love story, and an unfinished character's life begging to be completed and released to the world.

The piece that receives the most votes from her readers by December 31, 2020, Alexis commits to finish writing and publish by the summer of 2021.

Ranging from contemporary to paranormal and everything in between but wrapped in Alexis' signature literary style, each of these stories will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Read now, and choose which story connects with you the most. Then go vote for which piece should be turned into a full-length novel.

The voice that survives is dependent on you. Vote now on the homepage

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