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Friday Free-For-All: Falcon and The Winter Soldier Edition, Episode 1 Hype Up

First up, I feel like I should apologize for who this show will make me become. My inner comic nerd is old, inveterate, and gives not a single fuck. So, there won't be an actual apology, just note that I recognize that there should be.

Depending on how tonight goes, I may start up a weekly watch party that you can join and/or add a Saturday Spoiler Sesh where I dish about the previous ep and any thoughts and theories I might have.

In case you couldn't tell, I am so flippin' excited for this show. I have been waiting nowhere close to patiently from the moment it was announced. I am READY.

Note on the pic: it's a spotify cover for this playlist. Yes, I am 100% that nerd and not even a little ashamed.

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