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Friday Free-For-All: Valentine's Day Edition

So dig, I love V-day. Mainly, I have a thing for the old school Necco conversation hearts with the sayings on them. I lived for those as a kid and to this day, I miss them. Brach's just ain't the same, alas (though if they wanted to bring back Gum Dingers, I wouldn't be mad).

Now, for the holiday itself, it's more actively meh. I am 100% about spoiling people you love in your life all the time, because life is short. My husband and I have these floating holidays throughout the year called Husband or Wife Appreciation Day. They're not tied to a particular day and can recur a few times a year, independent of birthdays or other gift-giving events, where we take a moment to make food, do something fun, or just get something nice they might have mentioned wanting at some point to remind each other we love each other and listen to each other.

Don't get me wrong, we still celebrate, but really, the holiday for us is just another reason to buy presents for one another and we're both surprisingly good with that. That said, my husband is a ridiculous present-purchaser. He is the king of the thoughtful gift.

Last year, we were watching a youtube cooking video together (I know, we're an action-packed pair) and I mentioned how cool it would be to get a Valentine's heart filled with things I'd actually enjoy instead of chocolates I may or may not be allergic to (depending on the filling).

Enter Mr. Ridiculous.

This man fried ravioli, mozzarella sticks, made pepperoni pizza pockets, and garlic knots and put them in a Russell Stover heart.

Is it a wonder I married him? I think not.

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