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Meet the Winged Guardians! Part 2

In this series, we're going to get to know the members of the Winged Guardians and their mates.

Next up is a woman who breathes mischief and mayhem. Cherry from A Hunter's Moon!

Cherry Belmont

Age: 32

Born: Anchorage, AK

House: Gulo gulo (wolverine)

Likes: finding the truth others have ignored or overlooked, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, running, soft pajamas, Eastern European cuisine, biting those who deserve it, reality tv

Dislikes: dead ends, physical limitations, asking for help if she can avoid it, being ignored, being told only half the story, Brussel sprouts

Life motto: The Truth May Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off

I hate bullies. I hate people who think that standing on the necks of other people is the way to get ahead. I’ve made it my life’s work to stick those people in the spotlight and burn off the rot. It doesn’t make me a lot of friends, but it lets me sleep at night.

My best friend Pacey would tell you that I’m a workaholic, adrenaline junky who gets off on the hunt. She is not only right, but I also feel more than a little attacked. She’s known me since college, so she has an unfair advantage in the judgement department, even if I think she goes a little overboard on it.

And yeah, maybe I’ve had my heart broken once, which was more than enough thank you very much, but that doesn’t mean anything. I could get a guy if I wanted.

Not wanting to date in favor of furthering my career is a legitimate choice, Pace. Especially when you get nominated for a Pulitzer.

I’m an investigative journalist, a damn good one, and while I feel like I’m making a small difference in the world one story at a time, it’s certainly ruffled more than a few feathers, no pun intended. And it’s an investigation like this that puts me back in the path of my own ‘Feathers’.

Vasily Brețcu and I go back a long way. Long enough that the water under that particular bridge had run dry, or so I’d thought. When the local cops wouldn’t help me, I reached out to him on a whim, really. He’s a member of the King’s Guard, a division of the Royal Therantian Guard and big time now. I’d kinda hoped that his presence would encourage the powers that be to get off their asses and do their jobs, but him being here… whew.

It’s not often I’m bereft of words, but my memories of the young, clean-cut Marine sergeant couldn’t touch the gorgeous, long-haired ruffian who showed up on my doorstep not thirteen hours after I called him, ready to kill for me without question. The way our relationship ended may have been complicated, but it wasn’t because of a lack of devotion to each other.

Oh, and apparently I’m his mate, which is… news. Welcome, or unwelcome, jury’s still out.

Wolverines don’t mate for life, no, but I sure as hell would have appreciated knowing that the owl’d managed to imprint on me last time we were together. Almost a decade ago. Time apart hasn’t shaken our bond, and all this time he’d been suffering silently without his other half. I’d feel bad except I didn’t know, so I can’t take the blame.

The case I called him for? Way more than either of us bargained for. Thank the gods he’s got connections because this is going to get ugly before it gets better.

And then there’s the elephant, er, wolverine in the room. Vasi and I have a lot to work through, and I can’t be a mate to someone I barely know anymore. We both deserve better. The question is, does that mean each other? We’ll see. I’m not given to being optimistic, but there’s a first time for everything.

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