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My Favorite Christmas Carols

So in the spirit of sharing, I'm giving you my top 5 songs that put me in the 'Tinsel, Cookies, & Whatnot' headspace. Up first, this fantastic cover of Please Come For Christmas.

Next up is BSO's version of Everybody's Waiting for the Man with the Bag. It's just happy as all hell.

Another on the 'Ridiculously Happy' scale, We Want to See Santa Do The Mambo

This next one is me showing my age, straight up. That said, this song has had so goddamn many cookies baked to it, it may as well be Martha Stewart.

Last up is so cheesy, I just... There's no excuse for me, but needless to say, I lose Whamageddon every single year.

Bonus track!!! For After Christmas, I have to share my fave version of this song. Again with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, because in my heart, there is always room for swing, jazz, and rockabilly.

I hope you and yours enjoy this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Joyous Yule, and Happy Holidays!

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